Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Cristina della Fondazza

Where Piazzetta Giorgio Morandi, 2, Bologna

The church we see today was built in 1602 by Giulio della Torre, the architect of Domenico Tibaldi. The interior has a single nave stands for the restriction of the presbytery, which becomes a sounding board for this to turn into a Santa Cristina architectural musical instrument, where the sound spreads with amazing sound clarity. It is from this characteristic is born the myth of the "Sisters musicians" in the classroom behind the apse is the sisters sang protected from prying eyes and their voice through two grates above the altar, was propagated without echo and without refraction to the entrance. Closed and reopened several times, following the Napoleonic expropriations, with the unification of Italy, the Church of Santa Cristina became a military warehouse and a convent barracks. Since 2008, finished the restoration, was reopened to the public as an auditorium of the school of classical music and Gregorian chant.

Chiesa di Santa Cristina della Fondazza c
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