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Museo nazionale del soldatino "M. Massaccesi"

Where Via Toscana, 19, Bologna

Currently ordered within Aldrovandi Villa Mazzacurati, was established with the public exhibition of the collection of Mario Massaccesi (1920-1981), who was the inspiration and the first director. Now holds thousands of copies, rare examples of military models, dioramas, war-game equipment. Sorting museum, which features a rotating pieces of particular value to collectors, allowing a substantially educational able to provide a full account of the story of the soldier in two centuries of Italian and foreign production. They range from specimens of antiquarian value, wood, cloth, tin, and other materials, to the historical reconstructions of our day. Among the oldest pieces include the 'Adam Schweitzer' of 1820, the 'Ammon Furth' (1880-1910), the 'd'Epinal Pellerin' (1870), the 'Heyde', the 'Lucotte', the 'Gebruder Schneider '(1903-1904).

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