Luogo - Religious building

Monastero e Basilica di San Benedetto in Polirone

Where Piazza Folengo Teofilo, 22, San Benedetto Po (Mantova)

Monastery was founded in 1007 by Polirone Tedaldo from Canossa on the island which lay between Po and the Lirone rivers. It played a key role in the history of monasticism for religious commitment, political and cultural until, in 1797, was suppressed by Napoleon. Cloister of Sseculars, with at least three constituent phases (prior to the fifteenth century, 1475 and 1674) was intended to accommodate the pilgrims and poor people on the ground floor, while the upper floor was dedicated to distinguished guests. Crossing spectacular Barberini staircase leads to Polironiano Museum. Continuing on the back of Basilica is Cloister of Saint Simeon, whose upper floor was a busy time Infirmary, library and the residence of the abbot and the monks' cells dormitory. Further on you arrive in monastic refectory, built in 1478. The great Abbey Church was rebuilt between 1540 and 1545 by Giulio Romano, houses inside Oratory of Santa Maria, dating from the late eleventh century and the half of the twelfth century.

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