Luogo - Museum

Museo civico Polironiano

Where Piazza Teofilo Folengo, 22, San Benedetto Po (Mantova)

Polironiano Civic Museumo is placed in the enchanting recently restored rooms that were the dormitory halls, the library and the scriptorium of St. Benedetto in Polirone Monastery, founded in 1007 by Tedaldo from Canossa and suppressed by Napoleone Bonaparte in 1797. The displayed collections, some of the most important and largest ethno-anthropological collections of Italy, include approximately 12.000 objects, agricultural and rural craft tools, devotional objects and images, partly exposed in current setting; graphic works and painting by many artists of XX century and extraordinary collection of antique puppets, an important photographic collection and dedicated library. In the basements of monastic refectory and infirmary there is Archaeological Section of Museum with the finds discovered during the excavation campaigns and the richest collection of farm carts of Lombardia.

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