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Piazza Sordello

Where Piazza Sordello, 13, Mantova

Dedicated to the Mantova poet of the sixteenth century, Sordello da Goito, the Square was built in 1330. For centuries, it has been the center of political, religious and worldly of the city. Predominant architecture dates back to the Middle Ages with entries eighteenth century, such as the facade of the Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace. On the left side, they rise sequentially Acerbi Palace, dominated by the Tower of the Cage, and Bonacolsi Palace. On the other side there are the Captain's Palace, prior to the rise of the Gonzaga family (1328), and the oldest Ducal Palace. Alongside this majestic building was built the crenellated Domus Magna. In 2006 have been found in the southeast corner of the Square the remains of floors decorated with mosaics of a Roman Empire domus. Currently the archaeological site is contained in a temporary structure so that it is allowed to play in public.

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