Luogo - Museum

Museo della Follia - Palazzo della Ragione

Where Via Dottrina Cristiana, 2A, Mantova

Museum is located at Palazzo della Ragione, built under Podestà Guido da Correggio (1242). On the ground floor the building housed a number of shops, while in lounge upstairs justice was administered. On the walls of this room are the remains of Medieval frescoes of the late twelfth and thirteenth century, recently restored. At this salon is accessed by a staircase placed under Clock Tower erected in the fifteenth century. Museum was born a by Vittorio Sgarbi and built by Giovanni Lettini, Sara Pallavicini and Stefano Morelli Cesare Inzerillo. It is divided into sections: "All Saints. Sculptures of Cesare Inzerillo"; "The grid. Photographs, paintings and neon"; "Hall of Memories. Abandoned Items"; Mark Levy MD, "OPG"; "Antonio Ligabue, Pietro Ghizzardi", for which there is a section of the exhibition consists of a large retrospective exhibition. Museum also includes a section dedicated to temporary exhibitions about Madness.

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