Luogo - Museum

Galleria arte e arti della Camera di commercio di Mantova

Where VIA CALVI, 28, Mantova
The significant collection of art owned by the Chamber is a prestigious group of antique paintings and a substantial collection of paintings and sculptures of the twentieth century, evidence of the artistic life of Mantua understood in its larger line. 
The works of art from the collection chamber is the autobiography of a culture, an era, a city, Mantua, which is a particular example of the link between culture and economy. 
The ancient works are composed of the Portraits of the Consuls of the year 1450, the frescoes attributed to Jerome by Giovanni da Camerino; by Four allegorical figures painted by Giorgio Anselmi in the years 1772-1773 to celebrate the virtuous and enlightened government of Maria Theresa of Austria; Christ from the dead by Felice Campi collection of 1794.La '900 includes many of the great names of painting and sculpture of the century Mantua. There is an obvious preference for the landscape and those of Lombardy: the twenties modernism, realism elegiac, the chiarismo, new trends sessanta.Infine years is a remarkable series of works inspired by abstract art. 
The artistic heritage has been enriched with the acquisitions made ​​during the five editions of the Prize "," Chamber of Commerce - Francesco Bartoli "", which took place between 2000 and 2004 and dedicated to the memory of the great scholar and art critic Mantua.
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