Museo Civico Archeologico

Piazza XX Settembre, 1, Rutigliano, (Bari)
The archaeological record of Rutigliano, the Peucezio centre known as Azetium was acquired through excavations and research in the area. The section preserves prehistoric ceramics of various types ranging from XI-VII century. B.C. The section of the classical age (VI-III century BC.) includes mostly grave goods from the vast and rich necropolis. There are Roman artefacts found in the Purgatory district and signs of a Byzantine and Lombard settlement located near the ruins of St. Apollinaris. The Museum testifies with its collections and its exhibits display from a period of time ranging from the Neolithic to Imperial Age and the early Middle Ages, seamlessly. With this wealth and peculiarity of the City Museum of Rutigliano, it distinguishes itself from other museums in Puglia and makes it a prime example of stature that is highlighted in order to properly promote its collections, from all the "Colamussi" collection to the "Dioguardi" collection. The museum is temporarily closed to the public due to organisational and managerial reasons.

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