Luogo - Museum

Pinacoteca Comunale ''P. Finoglio''

Where Piazza della Conciliazione, Conversano (Bari)
The Municipal Art Gallery “P. Finoglio’’ is situated in Conversano Castle, a former residence of the Counts Acquaviva d’Aragona. It is located on the premises of the Old Hall of the Acquaviva built in the late ’400 and early ’500 and restored in December 1999. The restoration underlined its original architectural features and recovered interesting sculptures incorporated into the masonry below the arches Lunati. The beautiful carved shelves, chronologically related to the early decades of the sixteenth century, document a typical classical style and recall the decoration of illuminated manuscripts with miniatures of Count Andrea Matteo Acquaviva (1481-1528). The premises of the Gallery include a lobby, a reception hall and a small room.
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