Luogo - Museum

Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

Where Via Console Positano, 6, Noicattaro (Bari)
The Palace of Culture is an old convent which was restored in 2001 and has become a cultural centre that includes the Civic Gallery, the Pende Hall, the Nojani artistic Hall and a room dedicated to Dyalma Stultus. Recently a section of the museum, with various display cases to house archaeological discoveries has been created to include: antique vases, plates, brass, finely machined plates of gold and precious objects of incalculable historic and artistic value found in numerous tombs, dating from the sixth century. BC, found in the districts of Cipierno, Trisorio and Calcàro. The bronze belt depicting a quadriga race is quite famous. Currently these artefacts are stored and exhibited in the archaeological museums of Bari and Taranto
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