Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Marco (Duomo)

Where Piazza San Marco, 11, Rovereto (Trento)

Its construction become in 1458 and ended in 1461. In 1462 Church was consecrated and dedicated to the patron saint of Venice, St. Mark. The exterior is in Neoclassical style, the facade has three entrances and is characterized by the presence of a high relief with the lion of St. Mark above the main entrance, to witness ancient domain of Serenissima. The interior is in Baroque style, with spiral columns and a large number of altars. The cover consists of a series of cross vaults, with a frescoed ceiling. The works of greatest importance are St. Mark's Pala, the statue of Saint Rose of Lima and Maria Ausiliatrice, St. Vigilio, the Most High and St. Jerome.

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