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Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara

Where Unnamed Road, Porto Torres (Sassari)

Asinara National Park is a natural protected area in province of Sassari. The whole territory of Park is represented by Island of Asinara which belongs to municipality of Porto Torres. Asinara has a coastline of 110 km and predominantly mountainous geography, its highest point is Punta della Scomunica (408 m above sea level), but there are also small flat areas, at Cala Reale and Fornelli, once used to crops from native inhabitants of the island. Flora is sparse because of the pasture (domestic goats, mouflon and wild boar). Along the eastern coasts of the island are followed a few small beaches alternate with rocky shores. In addition to the structures that were part of the prison complex on the island is present an ossuary dating back to Austro-Hungarian Empire in First World War. In Fornelli was established, in 2004, Hospital of Turtles, in order to study the species and recover the injured specimens. In Tumbarino it is instead activated "Wildlife Park Observatory". There is a hostel, obtained by former Prison in Cala d'Oliva, where you can stay overnight, dinner and breakfast. One night on the island is a wonderful experience! Alternatively, along nearby coast of Sardinia, near Stintino and Porto Torres, there are numerous hotels, camping sites and tourist facilities of various kinds. On Island, in Fornelli and Cala Reale, are located Park Visitor Centers, where you can get information and a map of the routes.

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