Luogo - Historical building

Torre delle Saline

Where Strada Provinciale 34, Stintino (Sassari)

Saline Tower is part of the complex of fortified structures that, from the Middle Ages until the mid-nineteenth century, formed the defensive system of warning and communication of the coast of Sardinia. Belonging to the category of the towers "de armas" of heavy defense, at that time also important garrison for the ancient traps and salt, present since 1200 AD. The Tower is located on two floors, built in local schist. It has a conical shape and a height of 12,5 meters. The hatch, for safety reasons, is placed four meters above the ground and, as in most of the coastal towers of Sardinia, accessible with the aid of rope ladders or rungs. The first floor is a big room with a central pillar that holds up well in the attic, once mushroom shaped. Three gun holes arranged radially facilitated the airing of the environment and allow control of the surrounding area. Through a ladder it gave access to the second floor, a room with a domed ceiling, while access to the terrace is made through a narrow staircase. Presumably above the terrace there was the so-called "crescent", a light in the shape of a semicircle made in order to give shelter to soldiers and ammunition.

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