Luogo - Historical building

Torre della Pelosa

Where Via Capo Falcone, 10, Stintino (Sassari)

Pelosa Tower is part of the fortified complex of structures that, from the Middle Ages until the mid-nineteenth century, formed the defensive, warning and communication system of the coastline of Sardinia. It is located on a small Island located between the Isola Piana and Falcone Cape, in a strategic position to control the boats that were heading towards the Asinara coast. The Tower is named after the nearby "Sa Palosa" beach, for the presence of algae. It has a truncated cone shape and rises to a height of 10 meters. It is built in local schist and, as for most of the coastal towers of Sardinia, had a step ladder or rope ladder that, in case of danger, could be portrayed easily. The interior has once poppet supported by a central column and is divided into three rooms, each with slot; left the hatch, there is a narrow and steep staircase that leads to the terrace, where is the so-called "crescent", a light in the shape of a semicircle made of tiles and pipes, to give shelter to soldiers and ammunition. The Tower was built with certainty before 1578 and it was like "de armas" or "gagliarda", as heavy defense, with a commander, a gunner and three or four soldiers. It was decommissioned in 1846.

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