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Museo di biologia marina "Pietro Parenzan"

Where Via A. Vespucci, 13/, Porto Cesareo (Lecce)
The Museum of Marine Biology has never been a mere "exhibition of dead bodies" and its founder, Prof. Parenzan Peter has always tried to convey to its visitors important news related to the habitat and the life habits of displayed organisms. The collections of marine mollusk, anthozoans, crustaceans, echinoderms, sponges and an almost complete sample of Ionian fish are the framework of a collection of samples from the tropical seas, the Ionian abyssal fish and monstrous specimens, a total of over 900 findings. New rooms recently set up, brighten up the exposure of the original collection, the Hall of Fishing: conceived as “closer” to the museum by exposing the resin models of fish caught on the spot, accompanied by flash cards that illustrate the morphological characteristics and habits of each species; the Hall of the Elephant Shark that simulates the deep sea in which this sea giant swims. Several panels and explanatory posters contribute to the dissemination and teaching of environmental protection issues and the revaluation of local traditions, such as the case of the old recipes for cooking fish in Porto Cesareo.
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