Luogo - Museum

Museo Pompiliano

Where Via Pirrotta, 2, Campi Salentina (Lecce)
The Scolopian Fathers of Campi Salentina have promoted since 1990 the establishment of a Museum, dictated by the necessity of a "visual story" of The History of Saint Pompilio (the Saint educator of the Pious Schools who lived in the eighteenth century Campi Salentina, of which even today, sacred relics in the sanctuary next to the museum are collected), a place that would gather all those personal and figurative elements, that allowed the understanding of the simple memory of the Saint, like a more obvious presence among his people. The works in the Museum are mostly objects, furnishings and clothing of the Saint, holy relics, paintings of famous painters who represent the physiognomy of the Saint, papier-mâché statues and sculptures. Around 245 years after his death, these have shown Pompilio Maria Pirrotti increasingly, as a reference to the devotion of all communities from Salento. Finally, most significant are important court documents of his canonization.
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