Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo di Parma)

Where Piazza Duomo, Parma

Ancient Cathedral built by Wibod was destroyed by fire in 1055. The reconstruction ended in 1074. The facçade is gabled, with masonry in square blocks of stone. The bottom is smooth with three portals. Portico ends with a loggia. Only one element of decoration of the bottom is the tombstone of mathematical Biagio Pelacani, carved in 1416 and located to the right of the central portal. To the right of the facade rises Bell Tower, 63 meters high, built in Gothic style between 1284 and 1294. The interior has a Latin cross, with three naves, and keeps Romanesque structure of the eleventh century, with later additions. The walls of the nave are adorned by frescoes by Lattanzio Gambara (1567-1573). Octagonal dome is frescoed with Assumption of Virgin by Correggio (1524-1530). The apse is entirely occupied by a cant with candlesticks in bronze and marble balustrade that houses the whole Bishop's Chair, of which the oldest element is the chair itself: Medieval seat whose armrests consist of reliefs. The high altar, mounted on two bronze stairs, is a former twelfth-thirteenth century ark containing the relics of several saints. Below develops Romanesque Crypt.





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