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Museo "Glauco Lombardi"

Where Strada Garibaldi, 15, Parma

The museum is formed by the set of some of the furniture that once belonged to the Bourbons and the Duchess Maria Luigia, dispersed between 1862 and 1868 but recovered in part by the collector Glauco Lombardi in order to document the lives, customs and history of Parma from 1748 to 1859. Colorno Founded in 1915 and inaugurated in 1961 in the Palace of the Reserve, transformed into a gambling casino by Ennemond Alexandre Petitot in 1764, the museum houses works of art, furniture and jewelry distributed in the different sections of the exhibition . memorabilia Maria Luigia constitute the 'Napoleonic Museum', set up in the hall and in two adjoining rooms. Here you can admire some precious garments in the wardrobe of the sovereign: the ducal mantle embroidered in platinum, fragments of the mantle and the imperial ceremonial dress given to her by Napoleon in 1810; corbeille designed by the famous wedding Prud'hon, the cast of the hand of the Duchess, the work of Canova, a fragment of imperial mantle donated by the Duchess to meet the needs of Parma affected by cholera, albums, diaries, jewelery, personal effects, and even the work-basket of the empress, the author of some of the views exhibited in watercolor. The collection also includes letters of Napoleon and the King of Rome. Toschi in the Museum, in the homonymous section is then documented the engraving activity practiced by the parmesan cheese, while in the Petitot collection include architect drawings and etchings by Benigno Bossi. A collection of watercolors, etchings and paintings of the XIX century French works of the eighteenth century, lined up in a separate room, complete the furnishings of the palace. Archives of the museum are ordered eight hundred letters to his daughter Marie Louise Albertina.

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