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Pinacoteca "G. Stuard"

Where Via Borgo Parmigianino, 2, Parma

The gallery is made ​​up of one hundred and forty works that the collector parmesan Joseph Stuart (1790-1834) donated by bequest to the Congregation of Charity of St. Philip Blacks, which owns a collection of paintings and furniture related to the iconography of the saint. From 1834, at the time of the donation, the two groups were combined in its present location. Increased by progressive acquisitions and donations, the museum develops along twenty-two rooms where there are works of art and paintings belonging to the period between the fifteenth and the twentieth century. They are paintings, art objects, tapestries and testimonies documenting the history of the city of Parma and the family Stuard, along with medieval archaeological finds discovered during the restoration of the building.'s Collection includes over three hundred paintings and graphics, a considerable number You are the nineteenth century furniture and some art objects and handicrafts. The school Tuscan Three from the fifteenth century is represented by the works of Paolo di Giovanni Fei and Giovanni d'Ambrogio; interesting tables Nicholas Thomas, the Master of Mercy and Bicci di Lorenzo. A tablet depicting Christ carrying the sphere is attributed to Paolo Uccello. Among the most interesting works we report a pen drawing depicting a greyhound, perhaps executed by Parmigianino for Fontanellato. Other paintings, Lavinia Fontana, Orazio Samacchini, Sisto Badalocchio, Giovanni Lanfranco, Guido Reni, Guercino, and Peter Melchior Joseph Baldrighi Ferrari illustrate the pictorial tradition of Emilia, while a series of paintings by Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Francesco and Sebastiano Ricci Fontebasso represent the scope of Veneto. Among the foreigners include Brueghel, Zurbaran, Zoffany. After the imposition of the museum acquisitions of two still lifes Grechetto, a landscape of Bellotto, Ecce Homo by Guercino, the Virgin of Schedoni as well as the nineteenth-century section with paintings by Carmignani, Pasini, Affanni, Baratta, and Ximenes De Stroebel.

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