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Castello dei burattini - Museo "G. Ferrari"

Where Strada M. Melloni, 3/a, Parma

Located in the ancient complex of São Paulo, the museum is among the most important in Italy for the number of pieces on display and for historical and artistic value. Dedicated to Giordano Ferrari (1905-1987), puppeteer and collector of Parma, consists of over 500 pieces, including marionettes, puppets, puppets, sets, props, photographs, posters and scripts that together they create a path museum curious and inspiring. The exhibition is divided on two routes: the puppets and the puppets. In the first case the puppets were divided on the basis of several theater companies and arranged in order of chronological order, in the second case, the puppets were sorted according to geographical origin in order to highlight regional differences. The collection also been reported from the works of the collection, as in the case of some Italian puppets and other parts of the sixteenth century, equally interesting, executed between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from factories in northern Italy, including one reminiscent of the masks of the Commedia dell 'Art and other folk traditions and artistic. The museum's collection has been enriched over time, then three more collections, the journalist and scholar of popular culture Franco Cristofori, the engineer and amateur puppeteer Amilcare Adamoli and the bottom of puppets Television Group 80 led by Kitti Perria and Henry Valenti. A room of the museum was dedicated to the Ferrari family, to document the artistic activity through the exhibition of their creations.

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