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Museo Fondazione Cariparma

Where Strada al Ponte Caprazucca, 4, Parma

The museum, located in the Palazzo Bocchi Bossi, consists of a collection of paintings documenting the figurative parmigiana from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. At the beginning of the sixteenth century date from two tables of Cristoforo Caselli said Temperello and a beautiful drawing by Parmigianino. Between the seventeenth and twentieth century lie the works of Felice Boselli, Cristoforo Caselli, Giovanni Paolo Panini, Antonio Francesco Simonini, Louis Michel Van Loo, Alberto Pasini, Roberto Guastalla, Cecrops Barili, Luigi and Salvatore Marchesi, Julius Carmignani, Giambattista Borghesi Daniele De Strobel, Amedeo Bocchi, Domninus and Bruno Pozzi Zoni. The exhibition is accompanied by a collection of Italian pottery and porcelain of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, a collection of notes from the unification of Italy today, other furniture collections from Parma, prints and drawings of the city and duchy. It is also an interesting section on fakes and forgery techniques.

Parma, Museo Fondazione Cariparma c
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