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Teatro del Convitto nazionale Maria Luigia

Borgo Lalatta, 14, Parma

Since the merger of the College and the College of Nobles Lalatta was built in 1833, the boarding school Maria Luigia, housed in the Palace of the Arena, which the court architect Nicholas Bettoli was renovated and expanded and built between 1821 and 1829, a theater still exists . Access to the theater is given by a monumental staircase and two doors open on a bright gallery. The hall has a rectangular plan with a balcony that runs continuous band on three sides at the second order and joins the boccascenaornato shelves elegantly carved. In polychrome ceiling Gaibazzi John has represented major arts between cherubs and garlands of flowers, while on the outer walls of the balcony are sorted by false niches busts monochromes of musicians and famous poets. The original curtain, still on site and recently restored, is by Girolamo Magnani, art director of the Teatro Regio, author of the only surviving scene, depicting a Boscareccia. Remain well graticciate original, accessible by ladders placed on the stage.

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