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Teatrino di Villa Petitot


In the town of Marore, near Parma, Ennemond-Alexandre Petitot (1727-1801), architect of the ducal buildings since 1753 and teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Parma, chose his residence "Villa". The house is still existing and inhabited, almost miraculously preserved intact a theater, certainly designed by the architect, the taste of which is found in the figurative decorations survivors. Housed in the attic, in a rectangular room not large, it has a stage framed by two pillars while the scenario is tripartite by four Doric columns of wood painted faux marble that frame the beautiful monochrome side with statues of Apollo and Minerva. These are monochrome paintings on two doors that removed, open the eyes of a landscape with a view of the city (built on brick wall background). A frieze with cherubs complete the top, the scenery. Particularly interesting and high quality is the ceiling painting in which he pretends a curtain around which are intertwined cherubs, garlands and swags. The room is furnished with wooden benches and the original cabinets for the buffet, is lit by three windows, two of which overlook the garden labyrinth partially traced according to the old scheme.

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