Museo della casa del suono c

Museo della Casa del suono

Piazzale Salvo D’Acquisto, Parma

The sound in its technological dimension is the protagonist of House of Sound: a cutting-edge project in the field of art and technology, which is a collaboration of the House of Music by the University of Parma. The House of Sound, which is located in the picturesque area of the former church of St. Elizabeth (mid-century. XVII), was born with the ambition to reflect on our way of listening and understanding music, and is dedicated to a wide audience : that is to say to all those who today listen to music and sounds transmitted by technological tools. The path that the House of Sound is proposed that the history and evolution of these instruments to reach the present situation (from the gramophone phonograph, from radio to tape recorder, from compact discs to the iPod), and a glimpse into the future. Inside it houses a valuable collection of fonoriproduttori, as well as structures with innovative sound reproduction systems and services dedicated to scientific research and artistic, teaching and dissemination.

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