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Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Morbegno

Where Morbegno (Sondrio)

The Museum of Natural History of Morbegno is housed in a restored eighteenth century building, in the historic center of the city. Has the largest collection of natural history specimens from the local province of Sondrio: 1500 samples of rocks and minerals, fossils (among them, the Cassinisia orobica), a herbarium of 3000 sheets, 40.000 specimens of insects, 134 specimens of amphibians, 152 of reptiles, 954 of birds and 1.194 specimens of mammals. Permanent exhibits occupy two floors of the museum and are divided into two sections: "Earth Sciences" and "Fauna". In the "Earth Sciences" numerous screens guide visitors through the morphological and geological the most significant of the Province of Sondrio. The "Fauna" is divided between the first and second floors. The exhibition ends with a room devoted to insects.

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