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Where Morbegno (Sondrio)

Morbegno (Lombard: Murbegn) is a little town in the low Valtellina Valley in Italy, on the left side of the Adda river. It is part of the province of Sondrio of Lombardy. In 2007, Morbegno started a project to become a leader in sustainability, by involving the population in a participatory design process, presently labelled "Morbegno 2020". Morbegno is partnering with the international non-profit organization The Natural Step to design a vision of what the people living in Morbegno want to create in the long term, and choose the strategic path to move towards the vision from the present reality. Morbegno has also been selected as a pilot city in the Di.Mo.Stra. project, by the Association of Italian Municipalities for the diffusion of Strategic Planning models. Morbegno received the honorary title of city with a presidential decree on November 21, 1966. Twin cities Llanberis, Wales External links Official website

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