Luogo - Museum

Museo civico archeologico di Mel

Where PIAZZA PAPA LUCIANI, 7, Mel (Belluno)

The archeological town museum of Mel was opened in 1996. Its central room is endowed with panels, photos and maps of the entire archeological area. The two side rooms contain crystal showcases where the tomb trousseaus from the nearby paleovenetian necropolis, material from the inhabited area and finds from private collections area displayed. Among the exhibits, there are fictile and bronze ossuaries, personal ornament objects such as rings, armillas, hatpins, belts with decorated hooks, fibulae of particular interest: with ribbed arch and lowered arches with circular and quadrangular section; boat-shaped, dragon-shaped with small horns, and leech-shaped ones, and some with a figurative arch; and objects of daily use such as knives, prickers, whorls, spinning needles and crockery.

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