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Parco Naturale Paneveggio Pale di San Martino

Where Unnamed Road, Tonadico (Trento)

The territory of Natural Park Paneveggio Pale di St. Martin is located in the eastern Alps (Dolomites, Trentino) and spread around the basins of the rivers Cismon, Vanoi and Travignolo, including Val Venegia, Paneveggio Forest, a large portion of the the Pale of St. Martin, eastern end of the Lagorai and a part of the chain Lusia-Cima Bocche, areas that constitute "Sites of Community Importance and Special Protection Areas". Pale of St. Martin are one of the nine mountain ranges on the list of natural heritage recognized by UNESCO as "World Heritage". The visit to the Park consists of a vast range of theme trails, tours, educational activities and workshops organized by Visitor Centre.

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