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Museo storico del 7 Reggimento Alpini

Where VIA VILLA PATT, 1, Sedico (Belluno)

The Historical Museum of the 7th Alpine Troops Regiment was opened on 2nd June 2007 in a wing of the 19th century Villa De Manzoni in the village known as Patt Sedico. In it, in a new exposition, are displayed the collections which originally belonged to the 7th Mountain Memorial Museum that was located since December 1939 in the Barracks Salsa of Belluno.

The museum houses many relics of the 7th Regiment history, starting from its origins, in 1887, until recently. There you can see documents, photos, weapons and memorabilia coming from the various places where the 7th Regiment was present in time of war and peace. Most of the collections are linked to the events of the First World War and in addition to them there are objects and documents that are reminiscent of the Italo-Ethiopian wars and of the Second World War, especially the ones fought both on the Western and on the Greek-Albanian front.

Particularly interesting are the photo collections of the First World War and of the Ethiopian War, historical diaries and a great variety of military postcards. The Museum is managed by the Province of Belluno together with the National Alpine Association Departments of Belluno, Feltre and Cadore; it is part of the Provincial Museum Network and of the Great War Museums Network. It is accessible to everybody and has no architectural barriers.

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