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Museo della battaglia di Vittorio Veneto

Where PIAZZA GIOVANNI PAOLO I, Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)

The Museum of the Battle of Vittorio Veneto is based on the collection of items relating to the First World War collected by Luigi Marson, a former grenadier and ”Boy of '99“, and then increased steadily over time with many other relics from continuing legacies, gifts and findings, including the important collection of photographs of Luigi Marzocchi (1888-1970). The museum was inaugurated on 2nd November 1938 and during the years it became a museum of itself, which shows today as people saw and lived the Great War when it was set up. It is an institution for the history and documentation of the conflict of 1915-18, with particular regard to the period of the invasion and to the Battle which bears the name from Vittorio Veneto; it collects numerous memories of the Austrian domination’s year and of the victorious days of the fateful October 1918 and it outlines the means by which the war was made on both fronts.

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