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Museo del Cenedese

Where PIAZZA MARCANTONIO FLAMINIO, Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)

The Museum of Cenedese of Vittorio Veneto is housed in an elegant neo-Gothic building (1462-1476), the ancient Palace of the Community of Serravalle, whit a beautiful frescoed facade, and was so named by its founder, Francesco Troyer, because collecting the archaeological, historical and artistic memories of the ancient "Cenedese" area, nestling between the Piave and Livenza, from the Belluna Valley to the Adriatic Sea, coincident with the northern half of the ancient Diocese of Ceneda, then of Vittorio Veneto.
The museum contains archaeological finds of the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age (Celtic and Paleoveneti), Roman and Longobard Age, from 19th century collections and the latest donations, as well as ministerial deposits. The museum also houses an extensive art collection: noteworthy are the Dormitio Virginis of Moranzone (15th century), in gilded wood; the beautiful relief of the Madonna with Child by Jacopo Sansovino (1486-1570), papier-mâché, and the Water carrier of Vincenzo Gemito (1852-1929), cast in silver.
The Art Gallery alongside frescoes and panel in tempera and gold of the 15th century to canvases of the 17th century and devotional works of the 18th century, with attribution to Antonio Zago (15th-16th century), Giovanni Antonio da Meschio (1450), Nicolò Di Pietro (14th-16th century), Girolamo da Treviso (15th century), Francesco Frigimelica (about 1590-1649), Cesare Vecellio (1521-1601). Venetian and local authors complete the picture of the 19th and 20th centuries: Giovanni De Min (1786-1859), Pietro Pajetta (1845-1911), Alessandro Zezzos (1848-1914), Aldo Rosolen (1912-1941), Delfino Varnier "Peo "(1908-1963) and Armando Tonello (1897-2001). The works of sculpture and the gipsothèque document the activities of some sculptors from Vittorio Veneto: Marco Casagrande (1804-1880), Luigi Borro (1826-1886), Guido Giusti (1851-1934), Toni Furlan (1913-1980) and Mario Dal Fabbro (1913-1990). The 15th century Oratory of SS. Lawrence and Mark of Battuti,s Brotherhood of S. Mary of Serravalle, frescoed, is the museum's monumental section. 

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