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Predazzo (Italian pronunciation: [preˈdaːttso], laterally big meadow) is an Italian village of 4,562 (M 2,217 and F 2,345) inhabitants in in province of Trento. Located in northern Italian is part of the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region. Predazzo is located about 58 kilometres northeast of Trentoin Val di Fiemme. It is one of the main centers of Val di Fiemme (the other is Cavalese) and it is also the most populous and widespread of the Val di Fiemme, thanks to a particularly favorable geography. It is an important road junction and trade between the valleys of Fiemme and Fassa and the area of Primiero. Predazzo is the most populous of the Valleys dell'Avisio, as well as the seventeenth most populated municipality of the Province of Trento. The territory of the municipality of Predazzo was greatly enlarged with its 109.84 km square, it is the ninth largest municipality by area in the province of Trento (although the eastern borders do not follow the lie of the land: for the border of the area Primiero not located at the watershed of the Passo Rolle, but more than six kilometers below, just above the town Paneveggio). However, for historical reasons, Predazzo is not the capital of the Val di Fiemme (also for its off-center) and the population is dependent on other town in the Val di Fiemme for many services. Geography Predazzo borders with the following municipalities: Moena, Tesero, Panchià, Ziano di Fiemme, Siror, Canal San Bovo, Nova Levante (BZ) and Nova Ponente (BZ). Located at the confluence of the river Travignolo from the Dolomite Group of the Pale di San Martino, in the river Avisio, from the top of the Marmolada, it is the most upstream of the Val di Fiemme. On the road from the town to Passo Rolle, there is the Forte Dossaccio, Austrian fortification of First World War. The city of Predazzo is part of: Natural park, Parco Naturale Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino, Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme and Comprensorio della Valle di Fiemme (C1). For the weather in Predazzo see Stazione meteorologica di Predazzo. Hamlets and places Predazzo is divided in 8 neighborhoods and has 6 hamlets: Bellamonte, Paneveggio, Mezzavalle, Fol, Coste and Zaluna. Pè de Pardac (Piè di Predazzo) is the historic center and it is located between Sommavilla and Molin. Molin is located on the west part of Predazzo, at the foot of Pelenzana, and take the name from the presence of mills and canals in the early twentieth century. Before the advent of the electric light, in fact, many manufacturers took advantage of the hydraulic force on the course of the water conveyed in canals. Somaìla (Sommavilla), situated near the square, is considered part of the old town and marks the end of the valley Travignolo. Located north of Predazzo Iscia is adjacent to Poz and Sommavilla and includes several historical buildings and barns. Poz is a very recently district, close to the municipal aqueduct north of Predazzo and at the foot of Mount Mulat. Adjacent at it there is Birreria that take the name because of the presence of a brewery (now closed) near the exit to the north of Predazzo. Borgonuovo appears to be the newest part of Predazzo. New houses built close to the horse racing and football fields. It is located south of Predazzo. The Travignolo marks a boundary between the district and the Molin Borgonuovo. How to arrive to Predazzo By car: Predazzo can easily be reached from both south and north State Road 12 or Brenner motorway A22 (exit Neumarkt / Auer; 38 km distance from the toll gate), then continue on the state road SS48 of the Dolomites towards Cavalese. It is also possibile from Lavis following the SS 612 della Val di Cembra. It's accessible from Passo Rolle and San Martino di Castrozza the SS 50. Public transport: You can get off at the railway station of Trento or better than that of Ora, both linked to the country with a good bus service. By plane: The nearest airports are Catullo in Verona which is about 90 km, Venice Marco Polo Airport (195 km), Milano Linate (245 km) and Bolzano Airport (60 km). Entertainment Numerous are the possible recreational activities available: trekking, nordic walking, biking in summer, alpine ski at Ski Center Latemar and Bellamonte - Alpe di Lusia or Nordic ski in winter. Predazzo also offers opportunities for entertainment and culture. Predazzo is home of an important Geological Museum of the Dolomites, which offers guests the opportunity to learn about the geological and mineralogical properties of this interesting alpine territory. Twin towns Hallbergmoos, Germany, since 1994 Ferrere, Italy, since 2005 (friendship) Ski jumping The ski jumping and the ski jumping part of nordic combined was held here at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1991 and FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2003. And it is again at the ongoing FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2013. Notable people Giovanni Battista Stucchi, alpine and partisan Marco Guadagnini, also known as "Il Melé" sort of monumental moron Ivo Pertile, ski jumper References External links (Italian) Homepage of the city

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