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Museo civico storico territoriale di alano di piave

Where VIA DON NILO MONDIN, Alano di Piave (Belluno)


The Civic Historical Museum of Alano di Piave collects objects, documents and iconography related to the Great War of 1915-1918 and emigration. The museum is developed on three floors in addition to an external area. On the ground floor and first floor are collected the recovered materials on the battlefields of Monte Grappa and Piave River in the First World War, besides a vast collection of original documentary materials and photographic illustrations of the period; the museum’s aim is also to feature materials collected or donated by fans, recovering the history of war’s material. For this reason, some rooms collect materials left intentionally in conditions of excavation, as would be found by recovering, in order to remember significantly the hardness of those years.

On the ground floor is located an Italian field gun in perfect and functional condition for didactic instruction and purposes. The structure is constantly evolving to better suit the needs of perpetual regeneration exhibition through the inclusion of materials related to specific topics. The basement is dedicated to a migration section of the population of Alano di Piave, such as the end result of the war and the Great War. Here are collected everyday objects and tools used by labor migrants - especially those who emigrated as coal miners in Belgium - all items donated by the families of migrants, as well as photographic and documentary material; in the halls collecting the material can be viewed the audiovisual documents that testify the lives of immigrants. In another room was set up at a diorama of a miner while digging in a coal mine.

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