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Parco Storico di Monte Sole - Fondazione

Where via S. Martino, Marzabotto (Bologna)

The Historical Park of Monte Sole (BO) was established in 1989 and extends between the rivers Rhine and Setta, theater of the terrible massacre of Monte Sole carried out by the Nazi-Fascists in 1944. The establishment of this protected area, in addition to protection and enhancement of the environment, aims also to perpetuate the historical memory of the local and national population through the dissemination of a culture of peace. The  "School of Peace" Foundation, founded in 2002, promotes training and education initiatives in this regard. In particular, through the project "Memories of the Killings", the Foundation suggests a "journey of memory" through the documents and testimonies that have directly involved the municipalities of the Park, with particular reference to the village of Caparara and the Church-Cemetery of Casaglia. The Park is also of archaeological and natural interest: the first evidence of attendance area date back to the Neolithic (VIII millennium BC); at the beginning of the fifth century BC dates back to the Etruscan settlement of Pian di Misano, which extended up to today Marzabotto; after a period of abandonment, between the fourth and the first century BC, there has been a sharp increase in population tied to the construction of the Roman aqueduct (still in operation). With the advent of the Franks, the territories were ceded to the Papacy. The Park is the ideal habitat for a wide variety of animal species (wolves, ungulates, dormice, squirrels and owls) and plants (oaks, pines, beeches and cornflowers).

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