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Donazione "Putti" - Istituto ortopedico Rizzoli

Where Via G.C. Pupilli, 1, Bologna

The collections of the Institute, since 1896 located in the former monastery of San Michele in Bosco Olivetano erected in 1364, but whose origins date back to the XII century, include the Scientific Libraries to which the donation Putti. Hailing from the renowned orthopedic surgeon Vittorio Putti (1880 - 1940) and settled in the former apartment of the prior monastery, combining manuscripts, incunabula, more than two hundred and sixteenth over a thousand ancient books of medicine. Interesting are also the collection of surgical instruments from ancient times to the pre-industrial era, a series of more than 700 portraits and autographs of famous doctors, an armillary sphere of 1528, a globe of Greuter 1636 and two beautiful statues anatomy of the sixteenth century. The important heritage paper Institute, which consists of over twenty thousand volumes including monographs and journals of orthopedic interest, is preserved in the rooms of the library Oliveto, designed for the prior Taddeo Pepoli by Feltrinelli and frescoed by Domenico Maria Canuti, a student of Guido Reni and the Swiss Haffner in 1677-1680.

Bologna, Donazione "Putti" - Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli c
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