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Museo dinamico del laterizio e delle terrecotte

Where Piazzetta San Giovanni, Marsciano (Perugia)
The Museo Dinamico del Laterizio e delle Terrecotte “Enzo Briziarelli” has its premises inside the 14th century Palazzo Pietromarchi of Marsciano, which is the main center for the production of bricks and is a town completely built on bricks. The edifice, today transformed into a museum, was built in the 14th century by the Counts of the Bulgarelli family of Marsciano. The Dynamic Museum of Brickworks and Terracotta is a starting point for an itinerary that includes the entire municipal area, including the production sites of Compignano and San Fortunato—old kilns documenting the pre-industrial production of bricks—and the museums of the Antenne Museali of Compignano and Spina, exhibition sites that are documentation centers for the traditions of the territory. The rooms of the restored Pietromarchi Palace have hosted the display of a number of brickworks since 2004, i.e. the bricks, roofing tiles and the materials for building in general, as well as the decorative terracotta of common use that has characterized the production documented in the municipal area from the Roman period up to the present days. The exhibition also illustrates the social and demographic transformations associated with this activity, particularly with regards to the manufacturing phases characterizing the preindustrial and industrial production of the place. Some of the rooms are dedicated to the permanent exhibitions, such as those dedicated to Antonio Ranocchia (1915-1989), the artist from Marsciano, and to the whistles in terracotta.
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