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Galleria di storia naturale dell'Università degli Studi di Perugia

Where Località Casalina, Deruta (Perugia)
University of Perugia Natural History Gallery in Deruta The Galleria di Storia Naturale dell’Università degli Studi di Perugia, in Deruta, hosts the most significant nucleus of the University of Perugia’s historical and scientific heritage. Among the collections held, there is that of Luigi Canali (1759-1841)—which consists of mineral samples, rocks, fossils and balm preparations of vegetal and animal origin—that of Andrea Batelli (1855-1917), and above all the collections of Orazio Antinori (1811-1882)—the renowned explorer and naturalist native of Perugia—and those of Monsignor Giulio Cicioni (1844-1923), teacher of Natural Sciences at the Seminary of Perugia. The latter, in particular, also includes zoological samples of local species that are extremely rare or already extinct. In the nearby Gallery there is the Laboratory of the History of Agriculture, which will exhibit the historical collections of the Faculty of Agriculture and the old equipment that come from a foundation for agricultural education, the Fondazione per l’Istruzione Agraria, and a bank donation.
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