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Santuario della Madonna dei Bagni

Where Località Madonna dei Bagni - Casalina, 1, Deruta (Perugia)
Madonna dei Bagni Sanctuary The Santuario della Madonna dei Bagni owes its name to the hill on which it stands, Colle del Bagno, not far from Deruta, where it was built in 1687 on the site of a miraculous event. Tradition has it that a majolica fragment reproducing the image of the Virgin and Child was found here. Left on the trunk of a tree, the image became a cult object and was venerated. Then after a first miracle, it became a pilgrimage destination site for a number of sick people asking for solace, who left their own Exvoto on the Oak tree trunk. With the construction of the Sanctuary, which included the Oak tree together with the miraculous image, the ceramists in Deruta started the production of the Ex-voto for the use of faithful believers. In the arch of time of three centuries more than 700 Ex-voto tiles constituting significant evidence documenting the local religiosity and costumes have been collected here, along with knowledge of the technical and stylistic evolution of the majolica from Deruta.
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