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Fondazione ceramica contemporanea d'autore "Alviero Moretti"

Where L'Antica . Fabbrica Maioliche d'Arte SS. E 45 - Km 73, Deruta (Perugia)
Alviero Moretti Contemporary Ceramic “d’Autore” Foundation The Fondazione Ceramica Contemporanea d’Autore Alviero Moretti is held in some spaces next to the “L’Antica Deruta” Majolica Factory, at the Km 73.800 along the State Road SS E45, at a close distance from the city center of Deruta. It displays a collection of more than 200 works signed by prestigious Italian and international artists. The Fondazione Ceramica Contemporanea d’Autore Alviero Moretti represents another opportunity—for these who love artistic craftwork “d’Autore”, i.e. signed by the authors—to admire unique items, which are a “trait d’union” between the classic iconography of Deruta Ceramics and contemporary art. The visit could be easily integrated with that to the workshops where the artistic ceramics are produced and decorated, following the centennial tradition of Deruta. The collection was born with the initiative of Alviero Moretti, the owner of the factory, who has offered well renowned artists the possibility of experimenting with new forms and techniques inside his laboratories since the 1970s. Among these who were invited to execute the displayed works, Edgardo Abbozzo, Piero Dorazio, Nuvolo, Turcato, Carla Accardi, Romeo Mancini and Regnato Guttuso—among the Italians—and Sebastian Matta, Francois Morellet, Philippe Artisan, Yumiko, Sarai Sherman, J.R. Shoto, Joy Caros and Gabriel Caruana—among the international artists—are worth being mentioned.
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