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Torre di Porta Maggio

Where Via Regina Margherita, Monte Castello di Vibio (Perugia)
Tower-Gate of Porta Maggio The medieval tower Torre di Porta Maggio of Monte Castello di Vibio is one of the two main gates of the wall belt surrounding the village. It is positioned toward the southeast. From the summit of the tower it is possible to admire the town of Todi and the splendid panorama of the Mid-Tiber Valley. The work of restoration has highlighted its typical embrasure shape and the internal niches, not counting the merlons—forming the parapet—crowning the superior part of the tower, which is once again accessible thanks to the creation of an internal staircase. Inside the tower there is today a collection of heirlooms testifying the historical events that have happened in Monte Castello di Vibio. Among the many items collected, there are ancient weapons, friezes, noble coats of arms, cadastral maps of the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century and archaeological finds from the Roman period found near the village. Worth noting, apart from some muskets dating back to the early 19th century, are some rifles and a cane from 1822, probably used by some of Garibaldi’s soldiers from Monte Castello, and an autographic letter of Giuseppe Garibaldi, dated 1862 and addressed to the Municipality of Monte Castello di Vibio.
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