Casa Museo Antonino Greco - Museo Etnografico e Risorgimentale

Via Antonino Greco, Magisano, (Catanzaro)

The Museum is located in the district of Vincolise, at the Antonio Greco's home, patriot of Garibaldi's Risorgimento. On the ground floor, the kitchen retains the...

Religious building

Santuario della Madonna della Luce

Zona San Pietro Magisano, 45, Magisano, (Catanzaro)

Located in the hamlet of San Pietro Magisano, its construction dates back to 1064. Today the Sanctuary has been restored and consists of a central nave and some side...

Religious building

Chiesa Matrice dell'Immacolata

Via Vittorio Emanuele, Magisano, (Catanzaro)

Built between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it has two aisles and inside it are housed several works of art including the Assumption of Virgin, painted in...