Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica di Tamuli

Macomer, (Nuoro)
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The archaeological area of Tamuli, incentral- north Sardinia in the Marghine region, is one of the most impressiveNuragic settlements in the island. It consists of three giants%u2019 graves, anuraghe and a village, dating from the Middle and Late Bronze Age (16th-13thcentury BC). The most important is tomb I. Well- preserved, it is made of anintact large exedra, with the entrance to the burial chamber in the middle througha pierced trapezoidal slab. A bench with 27 blocks is along the exedra. Nearthe exedra and around the tomb, many variously shaped ashlars are stillvisible. Six cone- shaped baethyles are on the left side of the tomb. The threebiggest baethyles represent female figures with breasts, while the others arecompletely smooth and symbolize the male phallus. These particular ogival-shaped stones have often a religious function: they represent divinities whogive life and bring back to life. It is a complex nuraghe, with round centraltower and a rampart with two towers (now destroyed). Nearby there are sixintact oval- planned huts with flat roof slabs. 

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