Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Suffragio (o Chiesa delle Anime Sante)

Piazza Duomo, 43, L'Aquila

Built starting from 1713 in suffrage of the victims of the earthquake of 1703, it is the symbol of the eighteenth-century reconstruction of the city and represents the highest expression of religious architecture of the 18th century. It remained severely damaged by the earthquake of 2009, is undergoing restoration and consolidation. It dominates the southern side of Piazza del Duomo for its architectural and perspective grandeur, and for the dome by Valadier, which makes it visible from a distance. The facade is in late Baroque style inspired by Borromini, with Rococo references, designed in 1769 by Giovan Francesco Leomporri and realized in the following five years by Orazio Antonio Bucci, entirely in Poggio Picenze's tanning stone. It is preceded by a small staircase. The interior has a Latin cross, characterized by a single nave culminating in a rectangular apse; the central space is embellished by the dome. The first chapel on the left, Holy Spirit, presents a painting by Teofilo Patini depicting Saint Anthony. In 2010 the interior space of the church was temporarily limited to the nave only.

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