Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Pica Alfieri

Where Via Andrea Bafile, 19, L'Aquila

The building stands on the site of a former Renaissance architecture, Column House, in which lived the Queen Joanna of Aragon in 1493. The Palace was destroyed by the earthquake of 1703 and later rebuilt in the features present. Considered one of the first examples of Baroque in Aquila, it was renewed by the hand of Francesco Fontana in various stages. The Palace has reported extensive damage in the earthquake of 2009 and is currently unusable. The main facade, work by Pietropaolo Porani in 1726, is tripartite and characterized by a balcony supported by four slender columns and overlooking the two doorways. The plant is quadrangular, with three open sides, while the fourth a false wall separates it from Quinzi Palace. Inside there is a large courtyard; in the halls are well-preserved eighteenth-century furnishings, as well as an art gallery with over fifty paintings including works by Jerome Cenatiempo, Pompeo Cesura and Francesco Lavagna.

Palazzo Pica Alfieri c
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