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Complesso conventuale di San Francesco di Paola

Where VIA PRIONE, 234, La Spezia

The building that houses the Civic Museum "Amedeo Lia" is the ancient convent of the Minimum of San Francesco from Paola, built in 1616. From 1798, following the Jacobin suppressions, the convent became at first a military hospital and then a civilian one. To better fulfill the function of city hospital in the following years are made conspicuous changes, such as the demolition of the bell tower and the separation of the original spaces with partitions and pillars. Following the construction of the new city hospital is transformed into barracks and then in residence, since 1914. In the postwar period is used as the headquarters of the District Court and then to the municipal offices. This brings us to the restructuring and conversion functional nineties, necessary to make the building suitable to host the prestigious Museum Amedeo Lia, an exhibition curated by architect Cesarina Zanetti, responsible for the restoration of the former convent along the engineer Franco Farina.

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