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Portovenere (Sito UNESCO Cinque Terre)

Where Portovenere (La Spezia)

Porto Venere (or Portovenere) is located at the southern end of a peninsula that forms the western shore of Gulf of La Spezia, also called "Gulf of the Poets". A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, together with the islands of Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto and the Cinque Terre, the village preserves suggestive Medieval testimonies, such as Doria Castle and numerous forts and towers. Among the natural places of the territory of Porto Venere famous are Caves of Byron (Cala dell'Arpaia), Blue Cave (semi submerged), Grotta del Tinetto, Cavità dei Colombi, Wall of Tino, Secca di Dante and the creeks Piccola e Grande. Byron Cave, named after English poet George Gordon Byron who was inspired in this place, is located near the rock spur below Church of San Pietro and ancient defensive post.

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