Luogo - Religious building

Abbazia di San Caprasio. Sito archeologico e sale espositive

Where Abbazia, Aulla (Massa-Carrara)

The Church, relevant to the monastery was founded in 884 by the Marquis of Tuscany Adalberto I. The building has undergone profound changes: from the primitive structure of the IX-X century remain the semicircular apse and a fragment of stone carved with vegetable. The monastery remain, incorporated in the rectory, are three circular columns that supported the roofs of the small cloister. Inside the apse of the tenth century it was found the foundations of two churches of the eighth and ninth centuries. The premises of the rectory was located and put in sight of the great chapter house of the monastery, where it was set up a Museum with archaeological finds from the Roman era, early Medieval and Medieval. Archaeological excavations have confirmed the presence of the Saint's tomb, sealed between 1000 and 1050, containing a stucco reliquary.

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