Luogo - Archaeological Area

Necropoli di Cafaggio

Where Località Cafaggio, Ameglia (La Spezia)

The pre-Roman necropolis of the Ligurian Apuani is located at the foot of the hill of Costa Celle, on the right bank of the Magra river. Identified and partially destroyed as a result of an illegal excavation in 1976, it is the oldest part of the cremation burial grounds surrounding the Medieval village of Ameglia. The Necropolis dating from the end of the IV and the beginning of the third century BC and it presents a monumental structure, linked to the presence of fences in dry wall arranged in a rational way. The graves are made of local schist stone, and preserve the remains of the dead cremated and kits. The burials are referred to eighty individuals (27 males, 34 females and six children). The elements of the kit consist mainly of personal ornaments in iron, bronze and silver; weapons and pottery.

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