Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo delle Poste

Where Via Aronte, 7, Carrara (Massa-Carrara)

The project for the new Post Palace, of 1932, is a work by Giuseppe Boni, who played the expectations of citizenship with a monumental building, covered in bardiglio marble and plasticworks, including the two large statues on either side of (the "Quarryman" and the "Sculptor"), commissioned to the sculptor Sergio Vatteroni in 1934. The building is located at the intersection between Aronte and Mazzini streets, which ranks as the input node to the city center. It is built on two floors with turret, the back, the two wings surround an interior space with the scale and a compartment in metal and glass. The facades of the wings are divided by three portals giants in which there are two rows of rectangular windows. On the parapets of the first floor are placed in ornamental bardiglio dark carvings with the emblem of Carrara and the allegories of communications at the sides. The facades were completed by a cornice, above which rises the parapet of the upper terrace. The second floor has an opening of rectangular shape on each side, with the central clock. The octagonal volume is concluded by a band decorated with pairs of masks in relief. At the center of the roof, divided into eight segments, there is a skylight glazing blue and white. The living room is lined with marble bardiglio light and dark, the floor has a radial design.

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