Luogo - Historical building

Villa Fabbricotti alla Padula

Where Strada Provinciale Gragnana, Carrara (Massa-Carrara)

Padula Villa was built in 1879 by Bernardo Fabbricotti, designed by Vincenzo Micheli. The building, located in a beautiful park of nine hectares behind the city, is characterized by the sobriety of its Neoclassical facade, plastered and embellished with frames, windows topped by pediments, pilasters with Corinthian capitals and a central balcony supported by marble shelves. The Park, which according to the taste typical nineteenth-century follows the natural lines of the English garden is crossed by paths that meander within groves consist of tall trees and shrubs. The water collected in ponds fed by streams and waterfalls. Among the furnishings, they include: fountains, a gazebo, and the memorial column to Domenico Andrea. Characteristic, the entrance building in neo-Medieval style, designed by Caselli.

Villa Fabbricotti alla Padula c
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